Government of UK Doubles Issue of Tier-1 Exceptional Talent Visas

As part of the UK government’s ongoing reforms to welcome talented people from across the globe, Prime Minister Theresa May, has announced to double the number of visas offered annually through the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas from 1,000 to 2,000 to the non -EU nationals.

The visa will be made available to individuals who are recognised as existing global leaders or promising future leaders in the field of digital technology, science, arts and creative industries by one of five UK endorsing organisations:

  • Tech City UK;
  • Arts Council England;
  • The British Academy;
  • The Royal Society;
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Presently available 1,000 visas are split between the five endorsing organisations. The new announcement made by the government will not change the earlier allocation of the visas. Additionally, introduced visas will be made available across all the endorsing bodies based on their requirements.

The UK Home Office will monitor and take initiatives to work with organisations across Britain to ensure wider take up of the additional visas outside London. 

Pradnya Sawant, Legal Assistant

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