Property Law

Property Law
With significant experience in property transactions backed by robust litigation experience in property disputes, the LawQuest team assists clients with real estate deals. Property ownership and the transfer of property in India can be complex as the contractual terms are governed by a central (federal) law but the states govern all other aspects of property ownership, transmission of rights etc. In addition, with complex personal laws and ownership of property through trusts, HUFs (a Hindu family structure) and multiple stake holders in family owned property, negotiating and striking safe and legal property deals requires adequate legal counsel at all stages.
Our services include:
  • Title search reports;
  • Document verification;
  • Due diligence of physical location;
  • Vacation of squatters and other encumbrances;
  • Sale deeds;
  • Transfer deeds;
  • Registration of transfers;
  • Wills and trust formation;
  • Tenancy Matters;
  • Leave and License Agreements