Permanent Residence & Citizenship Planning

With expanding horizons the world over, Indians and other nationals are seeking alternate residence or citizenship options. The desire to move to other locales is driven by many reasons including better life style, economic opportunities, ease of travel, better access to natural resources and amenities, climatic conditions, the potential of environmental catastrophes etc.  Interest in these options is increasing among individual investors, wealthy individuals, global entrepreneurs, the young rich exploring newer pastures among others.

At LawQuest, we offer our clients information about several options, from citizenship in Cyprus, St. Kitts & Nevis to residence rights in Spain and permanent green cards to the U.S. Where necessary we encourage investors to engage independent financial advisors to ensure that they get adequate guidance from licensed professionals.

Our dedicated team of immigration professionals listens to each of our clients’ specific preferences and requirements and suggests the most suitable options in conjunction with qualified professionals in each jurisdiction. Our strong connections and liaison with world class network partners across the globe enables us to help our clients to seamlessly navigate through the intricacies and nuances of alternative citizenship and residency programs.

Our Services Include:

Some of the countries our clients have considered or opted for:


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