Who we are

LawQuest is a dynamic general practice law firm with a cumulative experience of over 70 years. We have over 100 global network partners and that enables us to provide a holistic range of services to our clients.  We clearly understand our clients’ needs and have an organized and comprehensive approach to legal work. We assist companies with setting up operations in India guiding them through FDI and state regulations to ensure a high level of compliance.

Our firm provides essential Indian employment law and tax advisory services, both integral and crucial components of any global mobility program. Our domestic and international clients benefit from our full range of Indian employment law services-from recruitment to termination and all matters in between. Our offices are conveniently located in Mumbai, New York and Florida.

About Us

LawQuest was founded in 2003 by Poorvi Chothani and has grown to be recognized nationally and internationally. Ms. Chothani has been practicing in the field of immigration and employment law since 2003. Ms. Chothani holds significant leadership roles at the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.

Our firm provides a level of strategic partnership and professionalism in the delivery of legal solutions that is unmatched in India. Specializing in the representation of small to medium size companies, we facilitate cross border business between India and the world. All members of the firm are trained to comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related legislation.

Why LawQuest

Each client’s case is different and each client has specific needs - we at LawQuest recognize that.  Through a combination of personal attention and detail-oriented service, our attorneys offer foresight in advising clients on potential pitfalls and in navigating the complexities of an immigration process.

Direct Case Management by Attorney, Advocate or Solicitor at all Times

LawQuest attorneys are closely involved in all aspects of a case including initial intake and data collections, laying out of strategy, collating information and documentation and preparation of case forms and tracking of visa expiry dates. We never simply refer cases out to co-counsel to handle. We take away the hassle from our clients of keeping track of numerous visa statuses in different geographies with different time zones.  

Partnerships and Tie-ups with Top Firms and Counsel around the World

The firm partners with top co-counsel around the world. Each practitioner with whom we partner is carefully selected and vetted who adheres to our standards of service, compliance and commitment. This includes formal interviews and assessments with respect to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related legislation, as well as a review of their practices and standards regarding ethics, confidentiality and data privacy.

We Expedite the Ground Work for You

Our frequent interaction at the FRRO/FRO offices enables us to reduce the stress and time spent in completing the mandatory procedures.  All members of the firm are trained to comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related legislation.

Complete accessibility.

Our Values

Our values are simple. Every member of LawQuest follows the firm wide cardinal rule - to exceed client’s expectations and ensure that we have more than satisfied client at the end of the day. It is our belief that every client should receive value for his or her money. We take pride in providing competent and outstanding services, but with our personal touch. No concern or question of our client’s is unimportant for us.  

Our goal is to accelerate the employment prospects for foreign nationals while ensuring that our clients maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance.
Our Values

We believe in:

Service by exceeding expectations;

Integrity by upholding the highest ethical standards;

Courtesy by treating everyone with dignity and respect;

Professionalism by inspiring confidence and trust;

Innovation by fostering creativity;

and Excellence in all we do! 

Making a Difference

At LawQuest, our underlying philosophy is to always have a pro bono project in the pipeline. We believe that pro bono service is an essential element of a law firm’s professional responsibility. Lawyers possess a unique skill set to serve the disadvantaged and to promote the public interest.  LawQuest is associated with TrustLaw, a Thomson Reuters Foundation initiative, which provides a platform for law firms to assist NGOs and social enterprises in need of legal assistance. 

“It is not, what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice, tell me I ought to do.” - Edmund Burke


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